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Boarers Farm

An old farm house that was procured by a specialist architect, Steven Docker Associates, who specialise in home adaptations for individuals with catastrophic injuries by creating bespoke, relevant, creative, inspiring and sustainable places to live. Steven Docker Associates designed an adapted a place to live for a young girl who now has the freedom to move freely within her forever home, as well as a fully functional hydrotherapy pool to assist with free movement and comfortable living. Astral Ltd were appointed to construct this single/two story extension, which houses carers quarters, assisted ensuite, spacious bedroom with automated doors and blinds, and hydrotherapy pool.  This build also completely converted the existing barn, raising the roof to enable new level floors throughout and forming structural openings to create easier wheelchair access.  On top of this the house was made for the future, introducing sustainable methods of collecting energy via solar, as well as reducing carbon emissions with the provision of waste recycling on site. 

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