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What’s the Point?

So my first blog for Astral! What to write about? Will anyone read it? What’s the point?

Maybe thats a good place to start! What is the point?

Well I suppose the point is the same as any commercial enterprise, to make money. Or is it?

People often ask who do you work for? When you reply a family business based in Sheerness the next question inevitably is, how much money does it make? This always puzzled me surely the question should be how many people do you employ? Or how many familys does the company support not just directly but indirectly through suppliers and sub-contractors, surely this is a sign of the wealth of a company, not how much money do you make.

Dont misunderstand obviously companies need to make money, but in my mind it’s more important to make sure the wages are paid, staff are invested in, trained properly etc rather then having a large bank balance at the end of the year! It’s only my personal view, but it does make you think on the bigger picture of society as a whole, maybe we should focus more on our staff and services to our clients then just the bottom line figure?

I think thats why Astral is such a great company to work for, we try and keep everyone happy, clients included, (sometimes at the detriment to our bottom line profit figure!) but as long as we make enough money on projects to cover the overheads do we need to make scores of profit...??? Im sure all the financial advisers out there will tell me I’m wrong! I probably am!

Isn’t that the point of a Blog though to provoke discussion???

Look out for more posts from Astral coming soon!!

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