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Eurobond EP125- Clamps 1 pair of EP clamps to suit 125mm


We have used these clamps on a construction site to install the Europanel Cladding, they need testing, but other than that is good working condition.

Panel Clamps


Eurobond has developed a patented lifting clamp for the safe, easy installation of its composite panel range in horizontally laid applications.


By using an interlocking cam and wedge mechanism unique to Eurobond panels, the clamps work by securely gripping the male joint details on both the internal and external skin. A half turn of the actuating lever is all that is required to lock the clamp onto the panel.


Safety features include a spring loaded pin that holds the cam in the locked position, a mechanism that tightens the grip on the panel during lifting and in the unlikely event that there is a failure of the panel or the clamp, a set of safety strops that will stop the panel from falling.


Another feature of the design is that the clamps are suspended from a lifting beam using drop links to allow them to rotate in the horizontal plane, making it possible to pick-up panels directly from the stack as delivered with a minimum requirement for manual handling. Lifting methods can be via crane or a fork equipped telehandler.


The Benefits of Mechanical Handling Techniques;

· Increased productivity - realistic installation of up to

2000m² of panel a day

· Full compliance with H&S and CITB due to the removal of manual handling on site

· Time savings - being able to install 2000m² of panel a day allows for earlier project completion

· Significant labour cost savings are provided, through reduced labour and faster completion on site

· Reduced risk of damage to panels on sit

Euroclad RD and EP 125 Panel Clamps & Eurobond RD-EP-Beam 3000mm Long

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